Professional Wood Floor Installation Richmond

While our buff and coat, and sanding process can take care of most types of surface damage on your floors.  Not all wood floors can be recovered if there is too much damage done.  That is where we come in,  our highly trained technicians are also experts in wood floor installation. 

Wood Floor Installation Methods

Installing a new wood floor can vary depending on the width, thickness, and construction of the hardwood product, and where it is being installed.  Solid hardwood flooring is usually nailed or stapled to a subfloor.  Whereas engineered floors are fastened, glued or installed as a floating floor.  Hardwood floors are an investment and should be done properly by the professionals.  

Hardwood Board Replacement

We also do board replacement when only a few of your boards are damaged and needing to be replaced.   The board replacement process can save you money by replacing sections or individual planks.  Buff & Coat professional technicians will also make sure the work is done properly with staining to match your hardwood floors. You won't even notice the difference with our smooth and even finish.  

wood floor repalcement

Common Causes For Replacing Your Floors With Hardwood

- You've decided to convert your carpet to hardwood floors.  One of our most popular services is converting rooms to the hardwood.  

- For scratches too deep to be repaired we then replace the damaged planks with new ones.  

- Hardwood finishes are extremely durable, but they can still be affected by household substances.  Milk, juice, pet urine and bleach can all eat away at your floors finish and stain your floors.  These spots can be fixed by replacing the specific area affected.

- Water stains are very common on hardwood floors.  They can usually be removed with our floor sanding service.  Water can also cause warping, expansion, and wood rot.  When this happens it is more serious and requires floor replacement.  

At Buff and Coat, we do our best to minimize the repairs necessary for your floors to keep the price low.